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Our Services.


Investment Management

We understand that for most people, managing an investment portfolio can be a daunting challenge. When an investor lacks either the time, desire, or acumen to effectively manage their investments - and less face it, who has the time? – we step in to establish and maintain an investment portfolio tailored to our clients’ specific goals.

Investment Advisors often talk about “goals”, but what does that really mean? Sure, there are the financial goals and investment objectives, but at Strada we recognize that pursuing your financial goals is done in an effort to ultimately pursue your passions.

Each of us has goals as varied as our life stories. Based upon the various components of your investing profile, like your age, time horizon, risk tolerance, etc., we employ an investment strategy utilizing portfolios constructed of low-cost, tax-efficient ETF’s. Those strategies may include thematic growth opportunities, fixed-income, global and US equity, and even private equity exposure through publicly traded instruments.